A bottle and label with an attractive design for a dry amaro refined in taste, as well as elegant in presentation: the latest addition to the Aneri family is called Anerissimo and represents, according to Giancarlo Aneri, “a further piece of innovation in our production, which tries to keep up with consumer tastes but always in the name of quality. In short, if we want to summarize: evolution in continuity.”
Anerissimo is all this: a selection of 40 botanical herbs in alcoholic and sugary infusion, combined in an exclusive recipe with Prosecco Grappa “Riserva” Aneri and “è Tricaffè”. Thus is born a bitter in which notes of gentian and rhubarb blend with balsamic hints but in which a characteristic coffee aftertaste emerges and imposes itself, which envelops and satisfies the palate. Its medium alcohol content (29°) makes it excellent – strictly served cold – at the end of a meal but also intriguing as a co-protagonist of refreshing cocktails.
The presentation, in 70 cl bottles, is a further distinctive sign and makes Anerissimo worthy of being among the prized pieces of the best bar selections.