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Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg Millesimato - Grapes from Eden Vine Farm, Susegana

Since ancient times Prosecco grapes have been succesfully grown on Conegliano – Valdobbiadene hills aiming to obtain an excellent quality and very well balanced wine, with great scents and a full body.

The produce thus obtained is perfect for large vats refermentation, through which we obtain a fragrant, light yet persistent sparkling wine with a straw-yellow colour and an elegant floral bouquet, with scents recalling those of acacia and field flowers. Its taste is dry and harmonic at the same time.
It is delicious as an aperitif or with light dishes based on fish. At best when drunk young, at the temperature of 6/8° C.
Eden Vine Farm
These ancient territories have been a property of Collalto Counts from the thirteenth century up to the first half of the twentieth century. The landscape consist of a downstream of woods and pastures where since ancient times only the best sunny zones were cultivated with vines. The farm extends for about 50 hectares, 17 of which are cultivated. Here the soil is mostly made of clay which lays on marnes from the ice age. The south side of the farm is covered with prosecco vines and the rest is made of pastures and centennial oak woods. Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg vines cultivation still follows tried and tested methods, in order to get a product with harmonic and delicate scents which brings your memories back to Eden, from which it originates.

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