Organic Wine ANERI N.7 – Dedicated to Leone

Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg

At the organoleptic analysis the Organic Wine LEONE, obtained with Glera grapes, presents itself as a dry wine, with characteristics of elegance and lightness, which together with the delicate scent, give it a pleasant and excellent drinkleness. A fresh, fruity and floral scent is perceived by the nose. The taste is soft and balanced, with acidity present and well harmonised and a pleasant and dry aftertaste. The citrus notes (lemon, cedar), fine and delicate honey and hints of ripe apple and white flowers (acacia and Hawthorn) are indicative of the close relationship between the product and the place of origin of the grapes.

The Aneri Organic Wine LEONE emphasizes its strong identity derived from the hills of Asolo, where the land is by nature prepared for wines of greater structure. High hills, strong temperature hikes, good ventilation and mineral richness, are best expressed in this wine with a low sugar content but with an important structure.

The choice of Aneri Winery to produce organic wine was born because “organic” is synonymous with quality, authenticity and because it protects the health of the consumer, respecting and safeguarding the enviroment.

Ideal at the beginning of the meal, during the aperitif and also for all meals, with delicate or fish-based recipes. The ideal service temperature is 6-8 °C.

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